Milano Elite Fencing Camp 🤺

Elite fencing camp in Milano, Italy!

Live the unique opportunity of Future Champions Camp and Milano World Championships in a mixed-experience! Milano Elite Camp participants will have the opportunity to train together with the FCC staff and at the same time attend the Senior Fencing World Championships. Get ready for the roles of the athlete and WCH spectator to change rapidly. We have decided to open this camp only for 12 epee and for 12 foil fencers in order to give the utmost attention to our future champions and make them live high-level trainings and inclusive World Championships experience in a best way. 


  • 6 days of training camp guided from FCA (Future Champions Academy)
  • 3 individual lessons
  • 3 footwork sessions
  • 1 team competition session
  • free fencing bouts with the FCC Junior staff members 


Kosmas Karakolis
Nicolò Del Contrasto
Carola Maccagno
Maria Vittoria Beretta
Federico Pistorio
Marco Ramacci

Foil coach


Piccolo Teatro Milano

Via Nicolò Tartaglia, 2, 20154 Milano MI


  • 6 days of training camp guided from FCA (Future Champions Academy)
  • 6 nights (FB) at 4 stars hotel in Milano
  • 6 days of VIP Experience tickets Milano 23 World Fencing Championships that include:
    • Special numerated seats from the rounf of 64 ti the finals of the WFC Milano 23
    • Access to the Private Area
    • Access to warm up zone and vip zone
    • Lunch in the Private Restaurant of the Arena
    • FCC dedicated coach of foil and epee that comment techically and tactically all the matches of the WFC with you
    • Dedicated moment where you can meet and talk with the FCC Champions that partecipate at the WFC
    • Transportation from the WFC arena to FCC training place
    • Insurance 

Limited places: 12 epee + 12 foil

  1. FIS Fencing uniform (pants, jacket, electric jacket for foil, plastron, glove) P.S. all equipment should be functional (no holes!)
  2. Weapons (at least 3)
  3. Body wires (at least 2)
  4. Fencing socks (at least 3)
  5. Sport clothes (7x t-shirts, 2-3x shorts, light jacket, 1-2x pants, 1-2x sweatshirt)
  6. Fencing shoes
  7. Sport shoes for outside activity 
  8. Slippers
  9. Hat and sunglasses
  10. Lingerie and socks (a lot!)
  11. Swimming suit (you never know)
  12. Sun protecting cream/spray
  13. Spray against mosquitoes 
  14. Notebook and a pen
  15. A book
  16. Phone charger 
  17. Table games
  18. Disco clothes (you never know)

Bed linen and towels are provided.

Yes, but our priority is to guarantee the best condition for the trainings

No refund for this camp.

Times to be defined.

Milano, Italy
Epee&Foil Sessions
25 - 31 July2023

Start from 3.500,00